When I first hired on with Rumble Trucking I was asked whether I wanted to be home every 7 days for 3 days off or every 10 days for 4 days off.I chose every 7 days with 3 days off.

On my second day on the job as a truck driver for them I was notified that they were'nt letting drivers go home every 7 days anymore. On my 10th day out I was told I'd be out for 2 more days before they'd get me home. What happened to the 10 days out? My second time home I was only home for 2 days and asked if I was ready to come back to work they had a load for me.

What happened to the 4 days at home? The final straw for me was after telling my dispatcher that I was completely out of hours she assigned another load to me. Then the owner of the company came on the line and ordered me to haul the load. She said there was no way I was out of hours.

I was at 70 hours in 5 days.

I legally had to take 10 hours off.There were no apologies given.

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Well said "Human Resources".I've been with Julie for over a year, I have 2 trucks leased to her and will be putting on a 3rd.

Julie is awesome to work for. She has bent over backwards for me and resolved any issues I've had(which have been very few) I've been driving for over 16 years and have seen the industry being taken over by a buch of whining pansies. Can't truck for more than 7 days?

Go work at Mc'Donalds.:grin


Not one of you has a clue about what the economy was like or the customre bankruptcies that hurt the company beyond repair. Everyone i dealt with there did everything possible to survive the economic downturn and worked long hours to do it. My dealings with the safety people were not anything like described.


That *** Julie still owe's me about $1500 from a year ago.She gave me one check for $500 and it bounced !

Tried to file charges for writing bad checks and the Sanilac County prosecuter wouldn't go after her because she use to work for him.BULLS@!% !!!


First of all, Human resources.My dear, you know exactly what goes on inside those beautiful expensive brick walls and one sided mirrored office of Ms.

Fagan. Don't you let on that the drivers are at fault for breaking the law! They needed a *** job! Ms.

Fagan is a crook and cheats her employees AND government of thousands of dollars at the tax payers expense!

Just look what she did to her best friend behind her back while she was on medical leave.She's a straight forward, down right dirty *** and everyone in the Thumb knows it so how do you like that one!


im suprised tom sold the company to julie


Rumble is a JOKE!!Low rates, The dumbest dispatchers I have ever seen, they wanted me to run over hours,over weight, and the last straw was theay wanted me to pull an over size with no permits.

after all that they screwed me out of over $1300.

Julie is the biggest B*%#!in trucking today!!


what about the deadhead pay giong from .30cents a mile to .15 cents a mile???? WHO STOLE THAT MONEY JULIE????


LOL I did notice you didn't address the issues of leaving the scene, registration, plates, proof of insurance.Maybe we should mention under insured loads...?

Drivers pushed past hours and told to pick up pages from an office employee saying he team drove. Whooo hooo! Wanna talk about health isurance that was jacked up in the middle of the term?

Those who know are not surprised Rumble went under and had to sell off to Echo, those who know the ORIGINAL owner ARE surprised by how badly it was stuck to the employees.Hope those loyal and dedicated employeees eventually get their pay checks cashed.


First of all- if you want to make money we all know for a truck driver you need to be out for more then 7 days...come on (but yet every driver still called and asked how come my paycheck is so little- because you are lazy....)

Second of all Rumble trucking was NOT paying drivers out of "Fagan trucking" Rumble trucking is a DBA for Fagan investements LLC- figure that one out!

If you can't handle being on the road then don't renew your CDL and save it for the people who know how to do their job and what it takes.


Things haven't changed.As a matter of fact they have gotten worse.

Drivers told not to report accident (true only victim was a deer), drivers told to stay onroad without registration, plates, proof of insurance and what not. When registration was faxed Driver was listed on proof of registration.

Now I hear that some Rumble drivers are being paid through Fagan Trucking...huh?Whats with that?

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